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The Pandemic Garden

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Classes offered online via ZOOM during the pandemic.

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Curandero Clients, Limpias, & Other Classes by Arrangement

Classes Offered

The Pandemic Garden 

   * Classes on ZOOM! * 

Bleeding HeartRose Single Petals by Roane
 Bleeding Heart        Rose   

Bugout Kit 2020 Zoom Lecture SeriesPlantain plant
     Yarrow      Plantain-White Clover  

Raspberry in Flower
Raspberry in Flower

A six week course on Fridays with repeat classes on Saturdays, beginning September 25th at 4:45 pm PDT.

Plan ahead with a garden to meet your emergency needs, including the use of fresh herbs and the preservation of dry herbs.

Want to know about hygiene in the herbal garden? Washing your hair with plants?

Learn which herbs might bring in more bees, what to do with leftover herbs, which herbs to plant together.

A bonus class will offer the opportunity to ask questions about your garden, or other questions you might have, or to share your stories.

Starting:  Friday September 25th & Saturday September 26th
Times:   4:45 p.m. to 6:45 p.m. (Pacific Time)
Location:  ZOOM! online
Duration:  Five (5) Sessions +1 Bonus Q&A Session!

Pandemic Garden Class Plan

Chamomile Plants in FlowerLemon Balm plants
Chamomile         Lemon Balm

Aconite PlantComfrey Plants
  Aconite - Monkshood     Comfrey     

Strawberry Plants in FlowerCalifornia Poppy in Flower
 Strawberry in Flower   California Poppy  

  •  Class 1 - Location-Location-Location!
  • Does your garden have to be on the ground? Absolutely not. Gardens in other continents have evolved to using pots, jars, troughs, porches and windowsills. Learn about these and pick the one right for you.

  •  Class 2 - Grow Local, Go Native
  • You don't have to grow every medicinal plant in the world. Grow and propagate native and local plants plus those you've decided are most efficacious.

  •  Class 3 - Folklore
  • Folklore and healing. Herbal books are great but sometimes we should listen to the stories our grandparents shared, especially if they came from their grandparents. Use these stories to decide which plants you might want.

  •  Class 4 - To Every Herb There is a Season
  • When to harvest and how to process.

  •  Class 5 - Healing Uses
  • Common illnesses and injuries and use of uncommon plants. This may be the most important class in this series. So be sure to take thorough notes.

  •  Bonus! - Q & A!
  • Class: Not mandatory but a freebie for anyone who has lasted through this. A Q & A session with no holds barred. If you desire we can cover everything from anemia to enemas. Be afraid, be very afraid!


These classes will be recorded. 

Cost: $150*
*Students who missed the original classes and are paid in full may take this course at no further cost.

Advance registration is required.
Prepayment: Paypal.curandero50@gmail.com
Register via e-mail: curandero50@gmail.com

COVID-19 Information

lavender plant ©2015 by Roane
 lavender in bloom - antiseptic!
chicken matazh ball soup ©2020 by Roane
 chicken soup w/ garlic - antiviral

    ! COVID-19 PREVENTION Recommendations !

We recommend:

– Wash your hands frequently (lavender oil is antiseptic!)
– Stay hydrated (drink lots of water.)
– Avoid close contact with others.
– Take it easy (catch up on your reading.)
– Sleep a lot!

– Keep your energy up (see our recipes!)
– Immune system support (rosehip tea, mustard greens.)
– Chicken soup (garlic, ginger, rosemary, sage, thyme.)
 These herbs are addressed in the COVID-19 video!

– Free!! COVID-19 HERBAL CARE Lecture

Chuck is speaking quietly –
we recommend clicking the CC button or using headphones.

Our Purpose

image of Lori and Chuck march 2012 from Alejandra Palos
Lori and Charles March 2012

The California School of Hispanic Herbalism officially opened its doors in January of 1998 in the San Francisco East Bay city of Richmond, California, to teach and preserve the healing traditions of the Hispanic curanderos and curanderas (folk healers) of California. Many of these classes had been informally taught for two years prior to the creation of the school.

Primarily offering classes in herbalism, the school also stresses an understanding of Curanderismo, the healing techniques and philosophies of Native-Hispanic California.  The cross-cultural influences of European and Asian herbs, along with the use of native plants, made California Curanderismo a unique and potent healing medium.  These practices also include the use of intuitive diagnosis skills, psychoactive plants, ritual and magic.

Charles and Lori will also perform ritual healings based on the folklore rites of curanderismo, for those unfortunates who feel their illness is of a spiritual nature. They also investigate some paranormal activities, and may attempt a "limpia" (cleansing) of a person or place if absolutely necessary. We do not video tape our rituals or limpias for the privacy of our clients and their family. We do not use psychics or mediums in our cases again for reasons of privacy. We do use scientific equipment to help us determine if any paranormal activity is present.

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  phone: (510) 672 7849

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